BE a Blessing

a picture of two hands held together and holding a wired set of tiny white lights
Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash

Jesus loves us with an eternal and selfless love that fills and motivates us to bless others both inside and outside the church. Out of the overflow of God’s love, we look for opportunities to bless others by meeting financial, physical, emotional and spiritual needs.  God desires to use us to bless others and through those blessings to change the world.

Opportunities to Bless:

Send a card – brighten a person’s day. Things like letters and cards received in the mail work beautifully in providing moments of joy, reassurance, and encouragement to the residents and staff at the Royal Terrace .  Would you consider sending short notes or cards to the residents and/or staff?  No need to send them to specific individuals unless you know someone and would like to.  It will do your heart good and theirs too!

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