Fan or Follower: Worth It?

When we gathered on Sunday, it was to finish up our journey through the question: Are you a follower of Jesus or merely a fan? A fan, just to remind you, is “an enthusiastic admirer”. A fan has the poster on the wall, knows all the stats and cheers from the sidelines.

The only way to know the difference between being a fan and being a follower is to discover what Jesus says a follower looks like. That, really, has been the whole point of this journey. We want to discover what Jesus defines being a follower as, and then see how we measure up.

Principles of following:
1) Jesus is the only one worth following. 2) Following is essential to believing, just as believing is essential to following. 3) following means being a doulos (slave) to Jesus. 4) following means expecting Jesus to interfere with your life. 5) A follower knows Jesus intimately. 6) A follower follows Jesus in a community of other followers. 7) A follower follows Jesus on mission. 8) Following Jesus is costly. 9) A follower becomes more like Jesus as they follow him.

Sermon Big Idea:
Following Jesus is worth the hardship and the costs that following might bring.

Sermon Points:

  • Jesus defines what it means to be a follower, not you or I.
  • It is not about how we compare to other people, it is not about denominational measures, or family heritage or Biblical knowledge.
  • Jesus’ definition is not easy! But is it worth it?
  • God wants to transform our lives, in giving us new lives. (Romans 6:1-4)
  • New zoe (spiritual) life.
  • Before we knew Christ we were spiritually dead (Ephesians 2:1)
  • Abundant (overflowing quality of life that Jesus came to give), spiritual life (John 10:10)
  • We have to be convinced that this new life in Christ is enough. We have to learn contentment (Philippians 4:12-13)
  • What does following Jesus supply? (Psalm 23)
    • Contentment (vs 1)
    • Rest (vs 2)
    • Guidance (vs 3)
    • Safety (vs 4)
    • Provision (vs 5)
    • A home (vs 6)
  • Can God really provide these things? YES. His proof is in his power displayed in Jesus’ resurrection. His proof is the victory we have been given through Jesus.

Follow-up questions:
Take some time to answer the question “Are you a follower?” in light of how Jesus defines that relationship?

Questions for families with small children:
Pick one or two of the principles of following and talk to your children about how you can be living them out in your family life.

Are you a follower?

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