Fan or Follower: Interference

We all have things that interfere with our lives. A child’s cry at 3 am interferes with our sleep. A construction zone interferes with travel plans and arrival times. Snow storms interfere with school days and plane rides to southern climes. An unexpected death interferes with, well, life. The arrival of this blog post may also interfere in your life, especially if it lends itself to distracting you from work :). (Don’t worry, I’m guilty of that one too).

These types of interferences will often cause us to view any interference in a negative light. This past Sunday we explored the truth that following Jesus will interfere with our lives.

Principles of following:
1) Jesus is the only one worth following. 2) Following is essential to believing, just as believing is essential to following. 3) following means being a doulos (slave) to Jesus. 4) following means expecting Jesus to interfere with your life.

Sermon Big Idea: Following Jesus means being prepared for him to interfere with your life.

Sermon Points:

  • as you read the gospels, notice that Jesus interferes all over the place.
  • Jesus interferes with:
    • the rich young man’s priorities (Mark 10:17-21)
    • the rich young man’s religion (Mark 10:17-21)
    • James and John’s family (Matthew 4:18-22)
    • Matthew’s career (Matthew 9:9-13)
    • Nathanael’s point of view (John 1:43-49)
  • if following Jesus does not interfere with your life, it is likely that you are not really following Jesus.
  • being in a doulos relationship with Jesus means being ready and willing for him to interfere in your life.
  • deny yourself, take up your cross and daily follow Jesus: it has to be a daily thing, being willing for Jesus to interfere in your life on a daily basis.
  • Jesus interferences aren’t negative, and they bring rewards (Mark 10:28-31)
  • following Jesus means expecting him, waiting for him to interfere with your life, with your priorities, your religion, your family, your relationships, your career, your way of thinking and maybe even your very life.

Follow-up questions:
When was the last time you remember Jesus interfering with your life? How did you react to his interference? If you have never had God interfere with your life, is it possible that you have been blocking his influence in your life? What might that look like? Does the thought of Jesus interfering in your life scare you? Why?

Questions for families with young children:
The next time you get angry with your child for interrupting you (be honest, it happens), take a moment to talk to them about how not all interruptions are bad things. Ask them if they have ever felt like God wanted them to do or say something in a specific situation. Did they act or speak? Why or why not?

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