New Blog Format

Good Friday afternoon my friends! We are beginning a couple of new journeys this year at PEMC. We launched the new Bible Challenge for 2015, a year-long journey through the New Testament. I mentioned already that I am not going to be blogging as much as I did last year, and the focus of these ramblings will be a bit different. I am going to blog Fridays and Tuesdays, and the focus of those blogs will be the message that I am going to bring Sunday morning. Fridays will give you an introduction to the themes and scriptures coming up on Sunday morning, with a question or two to get you thinking. Then Tuesdays blogs will be dedicated to reviewing the message’s main points and giving some questions for you to ponder or maybe journal about.

Before I go any further, I must say that this blogging format is not my brainchild. In fact, it is the format used by my friend Andrew Mills, who pastors the EMC church in Plattsville. So I give him kudos for that.

This Sunday we are beginning a new series called: Fan or Follower. This past year, I picked up a book by Kyle Idleman called Not a Fan, and in the book he draws some distinctions between what it means to be a follower of Jesus versus being just a fan of Jesus. That book really got me thinking, and that thinking has lead to this sermon series.

Over the whole of the series, I’m going to be challenging you to answer this question: Are you a fan or a follower of Jesus Christ? I know it’s a bit unfair to ask you that question out of the context of the series, but that question is the heart of what I’m going to be preaching on for the next 8 weeks or so. We will explore what it means to be a follower. We will explore the costs and the blessings of being a follower. We will talk about following in community, among many other things. Each week, I will draw a distinction between a fan and being a follower.

We will also be tying into something the EMCC has developed called: “The 7-fold way of following Jesus” (you can visit here for more information on that).

“Follow me”. Jesus uses those words about 20 times in the gospels. What do those words mean to you?

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