Back at it!

Greetings my friends. We are back into the regular swing of things here at PEMC now that our “Jungle Safari” VBS program is over. We were extremely blessed with the privilege of ministering to 116 wonderful children over this past week. We learned all about God as our Creator, Provider, Protector, Saviour and King and that because of those things we can count on him!

Now we get to continue on our own adventure as we walk further into the history of the southern nation of Judah and the prophets that ministered to them. I hope you have been keeping up with your readings and have continued to be encouraged as you see God’s plan for Israel unfolding in the words of the prophets; a plan that extends beyond Israel’s sinfulness; a plan that displays God’s incredible grace and mercy.

I know this section of readings can be challenging as the topics of judgement and punishment show up a lot; but pay attention to the other themes and pictures the prophets paint. ¬†Pictures of God’s care for his people and his plea for them to turn from their ways and follow after him. Also pay attention to what these chapters of scripture have to teach us about God himself, his power, his sovereignty, his plan, his graciousness and his intolerance of sin.

We’re off and running again!

Happy reading.

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