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Lovely day isn’t it in southwestern Ontario.  Roads closed, windchills into the -30’s, driveways plugged at the ends by our lovely social servants the snow plow drivers and a nice hot cup of coffee sitting on the desk beside me (or tea if that is the preference of the moment).  What a great day to catch up on your Bible reading plan, if you’ve fallen behind.  Before I begin my observations about Job this morning, allow me to offer a bit of encouragement to you, especially if you have fallen behind.  It is this: don’t sweat it!  This is a marathon not a sprint.  If you miss a day, shake it off, get back on track.  Don’t even worry about going back to pick up for lost time if that discourages you.  Just stay on track.  God will not be mad at you for missing a day, and I certainly won’t think any less of you (I’ve already had to catch up a time or two).  This journey we are on is not about duty or expectation.  It is about a new appreciation for the scriptures and the story of God as he seeks to redeem broken creation and fallen humanity.

To help with this, allow me to suggest a c0uple of helps.  These are techie type of suggestions, but there are a couple of more hands-on items as well.Hands on first:
1) NIV has a “note-taker’s Bible” with wide margins for those who like to keep their thoughts with the text.  It can be found on here:
2) For those looking for an audio experience, there are some excellent selections, although the really good ones with different character voices and sound effects tend to be a bit pricy, in the $100 range.  A couple of really good ones are: The Word of Promise, NKJV and TNIV Complete Bible: The Bible Experience.

Now for some techie versions:
1) Bible apps: YouVersion (by is a free Bible app that is great.  If you set up an account with them (also free) you can download different versions, access reading plans (like the Chronological plan we are following), take notes, highlight passages, all kinds of things.  Another good app is called Daily Bible (by Joansoft), also free.  I have both and prefer youversion.
2) If you are looking for a mobile audio experience, both YouVersion and another app called have good dramatic readings of both the Old and New Testaments attached to them.
3) Finally, if you are looking for video experiences, then “The BIBLE” miniseries that aired on the History Channel last year and “The Jesus Film” are both excellent resources.  But please be aware that any video performances of the Bible have most likely been altered to be more “dramatic” or cinematic-ally appealing.

Hope that helps!

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  1. Thanks for the reminder that if I fall behind, it’s okay! It was a great day to catch up today. Well written blogs so far, and I am really enjoying them. Thanks for doing this! John

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