“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat…” Matthew 25:35

Matt 25.31-45

We have an opportunity my friends.  An opportunity brought to us by Mary Crome, a representative of the Legal Clinic of Guelph & Wellington County.  She is organizing an event called “Wellington County Community Connect” at the Arthur arena for March 22nd, 2013.  Her goal for this event is to put as many community resources a possible under one roof for those in need of them.  Legal services, dental clinics, hair cutting, social services, work services, food, all under one roof.  A bus will be making the rounds among the communities in Wellington County to provide free transportation to those who need it to reach the Arthur arena.

What is our part in this?  Mary has approached the churches in Palmerston to provide 300 dinner kits.  These kits would contain non-perishable foods for families of 2, 4 or 6.  Each church in Palmerston will provide 50 kits.  20 of them would be sized to feed a family of 2, another 20 would feed a family of 4, and 10 of them would feed a family of 6.  Each meal would also contain a word of scriptural encouragement.

This is a great chance to live out our love for others in action.  “Putting God’s Love In Motion” is our motivating statement here at PEMC.  Let’s live up to it.

We need 2 things:

1) We need people to donate food for these kits.  The suggestion has been for a pasta meal of some sort, although canned meat, box potatoes, and canned vegetables would also work.  The goal is to provide healthy, balanced meals in these kits.

2) We need people to help us put the kits together.  Box up the food, print off some scriptural encouragements.

Please pray and think about how you can be of help in this opportunity!

Pastor Phil.

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